Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kok Ming & Angeline's ROM

Somewhere in July, my mates Kok Ming & Angeline decided to take the plunge and ink their names on the Piece of Paper with No Point of Return (tm). I'm happy for them...of course. Honored by their request to photograph one of their most memorable days in their lives, we share the happiness with them and wish them a happy merry journey ahead with each other. Here are some shots from that day, cheers!



 Ring-ing Process

 Unspoken Affection



Couple & Friends

Couple & Family

 Couple & Brotherhood

Couple & Lady Friends + 1

And US!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ben's General Store - Redux

Decided to check this place out after reading this entry. I braced myself for lousy service but what did ya know? Everything is better with zero expectations! For the record, we were there at slightly over 9pm so maybe that explains the slightly better service level.

This place really spells RUSTIC. I LOVE the lighting! Why can't all eateries light em up like that? Yes, that'd be boring...BUT....I LOVE the lighting :-D Anyway...the food is decent and the ambient is affirmatively cosy.

Gotta get one of these to store them forks and spoons at home. 

 Some salad. I don't usually consume tomatoes but this I ate quite a few!

Salami & Sausage Pizza. Much love this.

The whole ambience is so rustic. 
Looking back at this photo, the layout reminds me of one of those American diners. But brighter.


A patron's calf caught my attention. A rare bodily part to do so. Heh.

The Blues

The usual suspect. Also in blue. Ditto the patron behind.

It's all about the lighting!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bukit Tinggi - 12 bux per entry!!!!111oneoneone

We made our way up to Bukit Tinggi for some photography one of those Sundays but it was rainy.
That wasn't so bad. Now they charge RM12 per entry per person, omaigawd ripoff wtfbbq! Hate! But we were already there, no choice but to succumb to daylight robbery. Hate! 

No matter, we camwhore at one of them cafes! And have some tea at the same time.

 Crazy Eyes Seng Keong!

 Guess who Peek-A-Boo! Pokey pokey!

Abby's new face jigsaw puzzle!

 French Village

A bear waiting to be taken home


Abby in action

 What ya thinking, Mr Swan?

 Blue blue skies

View from above

Wanted to go Japanese Garden but now have to take their bus up, which might cost us more. Hate!
We skipped it and went for lunch instead.

 And some durians too! Like!

Also camwhored at the restaurant.


The infamous shadow punch. Feel the force!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KL after Bersih

The day after the much hyped Bersih 2.0, we went wandering around KL wondering about the aftermath.

Apart from the generally empty streets and ghostly town early on Sunday, there was not much in sight.

Even the usual sights are of peace and serenity.

 Mainstream media - truth?

 Why hello there!

Whatcha lookin at, punk?

This empty feeling.... deafening.


How about some colors in your life?

 This guy will ask "mata" to apprehend you if you take photos of him *Runs*

A rustic wall along a flea market.

 Petaling Street

 Lil kitteh'

There is always Hope in life, ya think?

 Wandered to Food Republic for a break

 Later, lunched at Betel Leaf along Jln Leboh Ampang, I think. 
Cosy lil place with awesome indian food.

Some of the yum yums we had.

This wraps up another loitering session in KL.